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How does Leo Alliance benefit your organisation?

Our operations help in “Brick and Mortar” Cost Saving. 

We reduce the need for employee workspace which saves money on overhead (expenses such as commercial building leases, utilities, insurance, etc.) by setting up an outsourced post office handling major administrative functions for your organisation. 

Our business model enables business owners to outsource aspects of their business to keep their overhead costs low and efficiency high.

We offer flexibility as our neighbourhood is not your business but an extended arm. Thus the hierarchy in your organisation does not affect us, being a less rigid organisation we are more susceptible to change and can react faster to changes in the local marketplace.

We minimise your costs of hiring and training staff for short-term or peripheral projects which can be very expensive, and temporary employees don’t always live up to your expectations. 

Our Clients

What are we specialized in trading with?

Iron Castings
Scrap metal ferrous non-ferrous hms
Refractory bricks
Perfume compounds
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